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Our Personality Development Course

The personality development course at Lalita classes intends to make you a better person in all the ways one can think of.

Session 1(50 hrs)


1.Check grammatical mistakes and help correct them

2.Writing techniques (simple and advanced)

3.Writing essays, reports, letters

4.Sharing tips through theoretical and practical sessions

5.Assignments on whatever covered.


1.Theory of communication skills

2.Guidance on how to improve communication skills

3.Guidance on setting life goals and meeting them

4.Guidance on positive thinking, confidence building through examples and illustrations

5.Assignments on whatever covered


1.Soft skills training concepts and practical sessions

2.Sales skills theory and practical sessions(the art of convincing)

3.Leadership skills(how to be a better Leader)

4.Interview skills(how to face an interview)

5.Resume writing(effective resume writing to impress)


1.Public speaking

2.Tips and tricks for being a successful Orator

3.Solve problems faced and master the methods

4.Demo sessions and workshops


1.Dealing with life problems

2.How to be always energetic and successful

3.Get what you want

4.Counselling sessions

5.Stress management

6.Coaching for life

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