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Pros and cons of reality TV shows

We live in an age of mass culture. Newspapers, TV, Movies, and Internet are all maneuvering over the minds of masses. They have kept the common man in touch with the ever growing world around. Reality Tv shows seem to play their role-bit in this mission.


India is a liberal country in all terms. Democracy has paved the way for immense freedom and opinions of one and all are being taken into account. Reality is one such tool of expression of popular and democratic taste. Nobody is compelled to appear in reality TV programs, or indeed to watch them.

The most effective advantages of reality tvs for example “the sa re ga ma” on zee tv, dance shows on Colors is that the run for talent search gets easier. It deserves a “first-mention” that doors have opened for newbies with an aura of special talent to a platform of fame and money. Competition has grown along with it and special skills are thereby being tested, groomed and developed.

People from various parts of the world come to a common podium and experience the thrill of attention and feel touched by the feeling of being a celebrity from all around. It helps spread love among countries, people and of course instills a sense of appreciation in the contestants and a sense of applauding among the viewers.


It is also intrinsically fascinating to see how people speak and behave in unusual situations. Reality shows like Big Boss often reveals the inner self and conscience of semi-celebrities. I still remember Khali facing awkward situations in Big Boss and the powerful man being subdued by his competitive colleagues! Reality tv teaches us something about human nature and so broadens our horizon of thoughts and feelings.


As a system should have, reality tv has its own disadvantages. Reality tv at times gets vulgar and shoddy. By creating pseudo celebrities it contributes to the debasement of popular test. Often professionalism gets at stake.


Something we all fear…Insult. Reality tv is often cruel, exposing youngsters to gross humiliation for our amusement. Mental health foundations have already condemned it.


Efforts have to be initiated to remove such kind of occurrences. One cannot deny that standards and rules have to be enforced towards a better reality tv world. Racism, Regionalism should not be promoted. Reality tv should not be debasing and quality must not be compromised on.


A brighter light on the future of reality tv shows is inevitable. A right approach from the participants and viewers through proper education is the root and vicious need!

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