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Motivation...Living In Present

 As we discussed before, worrying is the main hindrance to being motivated. We all have worries. The only difference is the attitude towards them. Whether being financial, career, relationships worries do exist. So let's learn to live with them and try getting rid of them. 

There is a solution to all problems. Face them bravely or run away from them , the choice makes the difference. Facing the problems needs bravery and getting rid of them successfully is a thing of joy. 

You must have observed that when we worry we mostly worry about the same thing again and again. We forget to live and succumb to them. The best solution to them is to live in the present. Tomorrow we haven't seen, yesterday is gone, let us live in today.  When we worry and are sad, demotivated,we forget to enjoy what we have in front of us today. 

There are so many beautiful things happening around us. Observe them, relish the moments,  look around and you will find that you have a beautiful life. So don't waste it worrying. 

Also, it is today which comes with new opportunities as you have the best chance to act and solve your problems. So don't miss this today. 

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