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Inspiring Stories

 I tell you a story. 

Two Friends were walking on a desert. They were very good friends. As they walked,  one of the friends unknowingly puts feet on his friends feet by mistake. The friend who obviously was in pain, slapped his other  friend. The friend who was slapped got upset and wrote on the sand " my friend slapped me today" .

As they continued walking, the slapped friend fell into a pit. The other friend saves his fallen friend from falling further. The slapped friend this time writes on the stone " my friend saved my life today" 

The friend who had saved was surprised and curious. He asked why first his friend wrote on a sand and then on the stone. 

The friend who had written explained.

I wrote on sand so I forget the bad thing my friend did. And I wrote on the stone just to never forget that my friend saved my life. 

Did you all like the story?

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