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A poor man tired of his poverty approached Swami Vivekananda and requested him to guide him to get rid of his poverty. 

Swami Vivekanand told him the address of a rich man. The poor man goes to the rich man. 

The rich man as he saw was blind. Inspite of that he requested the blind rich man to give him money.  The blind rich man said that he will give his entire property but on one condition. " You have to donate me your eyes"

The poor man ran away from there and reported the incident to swami. 

Swami explained to him. You have 2 eyes 2 legs 2 hands inspire of that you beg for money. Why not use these assets of your body parts to work hard and achieve everything with your guts. 

Look at what you have. Never give up hardwork . Hardwork always pays. No gain without pain

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