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How To Learn A Language Part 3

We continue with our discussion. Language learning is an art and we all want to become artist. Along with the language skill one also needs ideas to express. What is the use of a skill which cannot be used practically. As a writer,as an orator language also needs support of ideas and thoughts. Good ideas and good language is one of the best combinations. 

Since you are reading this, I believe you are 

some how associated with languages. We say in German,  language  " Sprache". In Russian we say язык ( yazik).  It is fun and if you enjoy languages you are rightly reading this. This also tries to attract people who are not interested in languages but have an innate ability. 

Using this language skill to win friends and influence people is also one of the benefits. The art of communication although needs a right grammatically correct speech it also needs a right approach. My job as a teacher is ofcourse to teach students grammar but there is more to it. 

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