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How To Learn A Language Part 2

We continue understanding the methods to be utilised to learn a language. It is not easy mastering a language. There are chances you might want to quit. But don't give up, there is always some one to help and protect. Protection against failure after having decided to pursue an art like this.

Words make a Sentence. Language learning is an art of playing with words. Words then sentence. A journey from words to a right sentence is long, trust me and it is a never ending journey. We all know this. It is the same case for all the other fields. There is no end and things keep updating. 

As a young student, I got attracted to books and was a frequent library visitor. This happened all of a sudden. It happened in a lecture in college. A Professor speaking in marathi inspired me. We must understand everything and go to the roots, never stop till we understand and till the picture is clear to us. Make books your friends and you must do it. You must do it! he said . The next day I was in the municipal library reading the rarest of rarest books. I should have begun with easier books now I realise but that gesture of mine left many mesmerized. My dreams still lead me to libraries where there are charges. Although I am trying to pay the poor library people( in my dreams ofcourse).

The point however is to tell you: readers,parents friends how I looked and approached life. If you think I am sucessful now it was because I always followed good things. I was always inspired by good habits good lectures, dialogs. Always take the best and ignore the bad things. It took time but the end was good. 

Languages are my passion. I always try to share the best I have with my students and may be I have earned love from them and all fame and good things are because of this. 

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