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How To Learn A Language Part 1

It is an obvious question to understand how can some one learn a language. Language learning like any other science or art needs practice. Practice Practice Practice. In fact a German proverb says "Uebung macht den Meister" Practice makes man perfect. Repetition and pratice are the keys to being a sucessful language expert.

When we learn a language always keep in mind that we will be told to speak to a native speaker verbally or non verbally.Through emails, phone calls or even a direct interaction. The man in front of you is a fluent speaker because most of the times it is is mother tongue. But for us it is not. We have learned that language for say 5 years and it is a skill for which we are been highly paid.It is a necessity we are paying heeds to. Besides job satisfaction it also matters how you build relations.

Most of the time a skill of guessing words and summarizing skill will be put to test. When you suceed in guessing word meaning, half the battle is won. There are so many words in a language and same words have so many meanings.The so called guessing things will help you achieve your goal of excellence in your job.

The question how to learn a language still needs to be answered.The answers are varied and could always be updated. With digital technology learning has become easier. Inspite of this, the original methodology hasnt changed. The basics are still the same and the ways of learning have remained same. Naturally however change is a way of life. Digital technology has eased learning and teachers trainers have to learn them and adhere to them to be ready for the race and the need of the situation.

This topic will be continuosly discussed and will have more and more answers. ofcourse perseverance and regular and passionate learning will solve the purpose. The only question is do i do it or dont do it. If you are passionate your passion will guide and nobody can stop you from learning and mastering skills.

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