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Why Learn Foreign Language Online

People are asking me when we start face to face classes. I think this question need not be asked. Mainly because we have online class option and also because it is not safe due to corona. 

Learning online has advantages of its own. You study at the comfort of home. You save traveling time. You can learn while eating relaxed in a comfort chair. But all this is although true, the main cause is that we maintain social distancing and stay safe. Online is safe and if we love our life and want to ensure safety of our family we would prefer online classes. Given an option when we have a choice why risk our and our beloved ones life. 

Lalita classes offers online classes for all foreign languages. By now we have successfully undertaken classes and students are enjoying thus serving the purpose.  International exams are not happening right now. But we can prepare ourselves for further levels till international exams are scheduled. This will ensure you dont waste your valuable time. Till all gets normal we continue learning as much as we can. Learning has no limit. When we are lucky by God's grace why not take advantage positively. Not grumble about problems but solve them. All problems have a solution. We need to take everything positively. There is no other option. Parents should consider this and accept that in this difficult time there is a ray of hope.

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