This question will excite all of you. The question is what motivates you, what gives a rush of blood. The target of staying motivated all the time can be reached by answering this question. 

It's about setting goals. Doing things you enjoy. The goals that make you excited. Setting eveyday goals is also a very good habit. Take a pen and paper and write on the paper today's goals. 

So doing what you love doing the most is the secret to being motivated. It could be anything. But the goals have to be meaningful. Something righteous and productive. Going for a walk , thinking about earning more money new ideas , helping others, observing animals, doing excercise and many more. You must enjoy it, that is the prerequisite. Very few people understand this and very few succeed in it. Setting daily goals is also not easy. But when you learn the art you are a winner.

The tip for staying motivated is to do things you love to do.