Motivation at Lalita classes.

Just imagine life without problems and difficulties, just so bland and boring. One should understand that problems make life meaningful. It brings the best out of you. 

We talk about certain things about motivation in this article. It is always advisable that you love yourself. Don't blame yourself for mistakes which you think are too big. Nobody is perfect. We all make errors, why then suffer unnecessarily. 

Sit down, write down what is causing you to suffer. Pay attention to the facts and don't let negative emotions take control of your mind. Remember these sufferings will not last forever, the clouds will soon dissipate and the sun will rise again. 

Your mind will be motivated when you stop cribbing about problems. Your inner self wants love. A loved mind will always be motivated and energetic to face life and it's problems. 

So first tip to be motivated, is, to love yourself.