Inspiring stories

There lived a man with his daughter in a village. His daughter used to complain that there were so many difficulties and hardships in her life. She grunted for a long time about this. The father decided to resolve the issue.

 He then asked his daughter to come along to the kitchen. He took some potatoes, eggs and coffee beans and put each of them in three pots. He then went towards the stove and put the potatoes, eggs and coffee beans in boiling water. After some time the potatoes got boiled. He offered these boiled potatoes to his daughter. The potatoes were soft and the daughter enjoyed eating them. After some time the eggs got boiled and the daughter relished eating it as well. Lastly the boiling water helped the beans to convert itself into tasty coffee which the daughter drank with heavenly pleasure.

 The daughter then asked her father why he did all this.

 The father explained. "My child , these potatoes, these eggs, these beans were subjected to extreme hardships by the boiling water. But at the end they served their purpose for what they are made for. You enjoyed eating them but not until they underwent hardships caused by the boiling water"

"Consider the boiling water as hardships and you the three elements. Without hardships life is meaningless and worthless".


The daughter learnt a new lesson of life and never grumbled about life again.