how to learn a language part 8

One of the most difficult but interesting parts of the language learning process is understanding what the person in front of us is saying. We call it in German "Verstehen" to understand. As a language professional you need to have a thorough understanding of the language. This will take you a step ahead of others. To understand most of the times a native speaker you need to have strong listening skills. You need to know words and their pronunciations. You need to develop vocab and understand the pronunciation of words in the exact way as that of the native speakers.

I would recommend taking a transcript of dialogues or hearing files with hearing text. You read them as the native speaker speaks one by one. Thus you know the pronunciation of the word been spoken and the you can simultaneously try to understand the meaning of the words you don't know the meaning of.  But i would still recommend for listening skills you learn lots of new words and the exact meaning of the words, at least when you are a newbie. 

Listening skills development involves concentration and an ability of summarizing and guessing meanings. You need not understand the exact speech. This is one of the tips usually an interpreter will give and a very important skill. You understand and are able to work with very less hassles and are praised for your work. You also enjoy your work and have lots of leisure time.