This question will excite all of you. The question is what motivates you, what gives a rush of blood. The target of staying motivated all the time can be reached by answering this question. 

It's about setting goals. Doing things you enjoy. The goals that make you excited. Setting eveyday goals is also a very good habit. Take a pen and paper and write on the paper today's goals. 

So doing what you love doing the most is the secret to being motivated. It could be anything. But the goals have to be meaningful. Something righteous and productive. Going for a walk , thinking about earning more money new ideas , helping others, observing animals, doing excercise and many more. You must enjoy it, that is the prerequisite. Very few people understand this and very few succeed in it. Setting daily goals is also not easy. But when you learn the art you are a winner.

The tip for staying motivated is to do things you love to do.

 As we discussed before, worrying is the main hindrance to being motivated. We all have worries. The only difference is the attitude towards them. Whether being financial, career, relationships worries do exist. So let's learn to live with them and try getting rid of them. 

There is a solution to all problems. Face them bravely or run away from them , the choice makes the difference. Facing the problems needs bravery and getting rid of them successfully is a thing of joy. 

You must have observed that when we worry we mostly worry about the same thing again and again. We forget to live and succumb to them. The best solution to them is to live in the present. Tomorrow we haven't seen, yesterday is gone, let us live in today.  When we worry and are sad, demotivated,we forget to enjoy what we have in front of us today. 

There are so many beautiful things happening around us. Observe them, relish the moments,  look around and you will find that you have a beautiful life. So don't waste it worrying. 

Also, it is today which comes with new opportunities as you have the best chance to act and solve your problems. So don't miss this today. 

Motivation comes from a mind which is happy and healthy. A mind without worries steers a life to a positive change and steers man to success, achieve profitable goals. 

This article explores one of the ways of getting rid of worries. It is not always easy being happy positive and motivated. But one must always try to retain and consistently conserve a positive mind. Keep trying. Worries hamper our mood and keeps us away from achieving motivation and positivity. 

So how do I achieve it and how do I remain always motivated? There are many ways. One of them is discussing your problems with a friend you trust, who is not judgmental. Tell him your worries and may be he might come up with a solution. You can even imagine famous,sucessful people and try to figure out how they would behave in such a situation. Imagination has no boundaries. You will get your answer. 

Tipp for this article for motivation is discuss your worries with your friends. 

Motivation at Lalita classes.

Just imagine life without problems and difficulties, just so bland and boring. One should understand that problems make life meaningful. It brings the best out of you. 

We talk about certain things about motivation in this article. It is always advisable that you love yourself. Don't blame yourself for mistakes which you think are too big. Nobody is perfect. We all make errors, why then suffer unnecessarily. 

Sit down, write down what is causing you to suffer. Pay attention to the facts and don't let negative emotions take control of your mind. Remember these sufferings will not last forever, the clouds will soon dissipate and the sun will rise again. 

Your mind will be motivated when you stop cribbing about problems. Your inner self wants love. A loved mind will always be motivated and energetic to face life and it's problems. 

So first tip to be motivated, is, to love yourself.

 It's so important in today's competitive world to have the right state of mind to be successful. Positive thinking, positive mental attitude is a need of the day. Positive mental attitude is a prerequisite to get the best out of life. All great people faced hardships but their positive mental attitude helped them achieve things and they are an inspiration for all. To master the mind, we need to be determined and our efforts should be in the right direction. A positive mental attitude changes lives, and with such an attitude one can achieve the impossible. I'm possible it's what " impossible" says. There is no problem which cannot be solved. Your attitude makes the difference. And a positive attitude changes and makes a life happier.

There are so many ways of being positive. But meditation is the most popular and a powerful method to stop worrying and start living. Positive attitude towards everything makes us healthy and always energetic. A positive attitude needs to be maintained where the main challenge arrives. For example meditation begun to be positive should not be stopped. Meditation is a science and Godly intervention is achieved. The mind along with body have to be sound to achieve things we want in our life. 

There lived a man with his daughter in a village. His daughter used to complain that there were so many difficulties and hardships in her life. She grunted for a long time about this. The father decided to resolve the issue.

 He then asked his daughter to come along to the kitchen. He took some potatoes, eggs and coffee beans and put each of them in three pots. He then went towards the stove and put the potatoes, eggs and coffee beans in boiling water. After some time the potatoes got boiled. He offered these boiled potatoes to his daughter. The potatoes were soft and the daughter enjoyed eating them. After some time the eggs got boiled and the daughter relished eating it as well. Lastly the boiling water helped the beans to convert itself into tasty coffee which the daughter drank with heavenly pleasure.

 The daughter then asked her father why he did all this.

 The father explained. "My child , these potatoes, these eggs, these beans were subjected to extreme hardships by the boiling water. But at the end they served their purpose for what they are made for. You enjoyed eating them but not until they underwent hardships caused by the boiling water"

"Consider the boiling water as hardships and you the three elements. Without hardships life is meaningless and worthless".


The daughter learnt a new lesson of life and never grumbled about life again.


The personality development course at Lalita classes intends to make you a better person in all the ways one can think of.

Session 1(50 hrs)

1.Check grammatical mistakes and help correct them
2.Writing techniques (simple and advanced)
3.Writing essays, reports, letters
4.Sharing tips through theoretical and practical sessions
5.Assignments on whatever covered.

1.Theory of communication skills
2.Guidance on how to improve communication skills
3.Guidance on setting life goals and meeting them
4.Guidance on positive thinking, confidence building through examples and illustrations
5.Assignments on whatever covered

1.Soft skills training concepts and practical sessions
2.Sales skills theory and practical sessions(the art of convincing)
3.Leadership skills(how to be a better Leader)
4.Interview skills(how to face an interview)
5.Resume writing(effective resume writing to impress)

1.Public speaking
2.Tips and tricks for being a successful Orator
3.Solve problems faced and master the methods
4.Demo sessions and workshops

1.Dealing with life problems
2.How to be always energetic and successful
3.Get what you want
4.Counselling sessions
5.Stress management
6.Coaching for life

 A lion was hungry one day. He started searching for something to eat. 

Luckily he could catch a small hare. He knew the hare wouldn't be sufficient to quench his hunger. As he was about to eat the hare he saw a deer. Seeing something bigger he let the hare go and went on to catch the deer. But the deer escaped. The lion had nothing to eat that day, thanks to his greed 

Don't be greedy.

 I tell you a story. 

Two Friends were walking on a desert. They were very good friends. As they walked,  one of the friends unknowingly puts feet on his friends feet by mistake. The friend who obviously was in pain, slapped his other  friend. The friend who was slapped got upset and wrote on the sand " my friend slapped me today" .

As they continued walking, the slapped friend fell into a pit. The other friend saves his fallen friend from falling further. The slapped friend this time writes on the stone " my friend saved my life today" 

The friend who had saved was surprised and curious. He asked why first his friend wrote on a sand and then on the stone. 

The friend who had written explained.

I wrote on sand so I forget the bad thing my friend did. And I wrote on the stone just to never forget that my friend saved my life. 

Did you all like the story?

 A poor man tired of his poverty approached Swami Vivekananda and requested him to guide him to get rid of his poverty. 

Swami Vivekanand told him the address of a rich man. The poor man goes to the rich man. 

The rich man as he saw was blind. Inspite of that he requested the blind rich man to give him money.  The blind rich man said that he will give his entire property but on one condition. " You have to donate me your eyes"

The poor man ran away from there and reported the incident to swami. 

Swami explained to him. You have 2 eyes 2 legs 2 hands inspire of that you beg for money. Why not use these assets of your body parts to work hard and achieve everything with your guts. 

Look at what you have. Never give up hardwork . Hardwork always pays. No gain without pain

Follow your passion when language learning is your passion. It needs discipline and hardwork. 

You should never be bored never shy when asked to speak or while showing your skills. In fact take it as an opportunity.  Try reading newspapers magazines , usually old ones because they are cheap. Reading writing listening speaking are the main facets of a language. We must be versatile and good in all four. 

An imbalance could exist. I mean when you read well may be you cannot write  that too well. The journey is also to strike a balance. 

 Remember the four facets and work on them. Try to be versatile. 
When it comes to language learning it is necessary even for an expert to be in touch.A rusty brain could be dangerous. Keep practicing keep revising.  Change the methods never give up. 

You are learning a foreign language you take your first step towards a beautiful career. As a teacher interpreter translator coordinator and many other roles you can play. The fruits are tasty you need to work hard. 

Even as a leader you need to demonstrate things. You will be continuously tested and when you come out successfully the fruits are tastier.  

Foreign language is an art. We need to understand this and understand that hard work will give results. Money ,fame will kiss your feet. 

Keep trying try try till you succeed. You want to speak fluently you want to see yourself at the top. You must work hard and stay committed. 
One of the most difficult but interesting parts of the language learning process is understanding what the person in front of us is saying. We call it in German "Verstehen" to understand. As a language professional you need to have a thorough understanding of the language. This will take you a step ahead of others. To understand most of the times a native speaker you need to have strong listening skills. You need to know words and their pronunciations. You need to develop vocab and understand the pronunciation of words in the exact way as that of the native speakers.

I would recommend taking a transcript of dialogues or hearing files with hearing text. You read them as the native speaker speaks one by one. Thus you know the pronunciation of the word been spoken and the you can simultaneously try to understand the meaning of the words you don't know the meaning of.  But i would still recommend for listening skills you learn lots of new words and the exact meaning of the words, at least when you are a newbie. 

Listening skills development involves concentration and an ability of summarizing and guessing meanings. You need not understand the exact speech. This is one of the tips usually an interpreter will give and a very important skill. You understand and are able to work with very less hassles and are praised for your work. You also enjoy your work and have lots of leisure time.

The journey of language learning comes through discipline. Add a spice of variety so that you enjoy. When you enjoy you are tempted to do those enjoyable things again and again. 

Aamir khan has said ... choose a profession that gives you fun. Every human is gifted with one or other skill by God. There is no one in this world who is useless. Ever body is a part of the nature and nature by habit protects.  

Learn in fun way . You must have heared this many times. With a healthy and joyful atmosphere,the learning process speeds up.
Learn fast and get fast results. We all crave for it. 

Very important part of the language learning process is vocabulary and especially when you are learning more than one language.

Learning words by making sentences is the most preferable method I have adopted. Pick up any damn word and make a sentence. It is very effective. It is your brain that needs training when it comes to learning words. Involuntarily when words come to your mouth and when they are right you can reassure yourself thar you are on the right track. But it is not all. It is a long process. I don't discourage but try to inspire. 

Words and play with words through repetition and interesting excercises is one of the keys to language learning. Passion and tremendous will will ease your journey to being a language expert. 

"Wortschatz" in German and словарь in Russian is vocabulary what we call  inE  Learning new words out of curiosity can also be a good habit. Pick up a word in English , refer a dictionary and add a word in your collections. It is a big ocean of words waiting for you. You love them they come to you. 

Learning a foreign language is good for a rusty brain. Students having a gap in their studies want to attain their skills again can get a sharp brain while learning a foreign language. During this period of globalization learning foreign languages has gained importance. Many universities have included this in their curriculum. One extra language has become the need of the hour.

As we spoke about Apps we also know about YouTube. YouTube also offers videos which teach you languages right from the scrap. You can also search and get your doubts resolved through language forums. Any grammatical doubt can be solved by just googling the question. You are bound to get the answers. Getting information from google is also an art and one must be aware  about how to do it.

The good thing to know is that all the languages have the same pattern. By pattern I mean basic science of a sentence in a language is same for all the languages. Cases, gender, parts of speeches and such other facets of a language. Of course some things like word order may be challenging when one is learning a language for the first time. More and more practice, solving exercises, brain teasing vocab games help's one to achieve the desired language expertise skill.

Youtube is owned by google therefore you will find more of YouTube videos in google search.That's anyways a separate thing to discuss about. Google translate is also available as app. The sentence formation in Google translate is reliable and any expert or native speaker will agree with this. Google translate app also works as a dictionary and offers pronunciation help through recorded voice system. Google translate offers many languages. One can easily check if his translated sentence is correct or not.

Having shared some of the important aspects of foreign language learning, we can have enough inspiration to start learning a foreign language today with us, Lalita foreign language classes. Lalita classes,meeting your career needs®.

Lalita foreign language classes is now no.1 language learning institute in India. Come and experience the joy of learning. Call (9820437893).

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We spoke about technology and we spoke how important it is. We need to use the best of the resources. 

Use of language learning apps like Busuu Duo lingo and many others is suggested. However it needs discipline and regularity. 
Chapter vise learning. Repetition is expected. Same lessons again and again. Apps like duo lingo give lots of repetition and even alert you to be regular with the lessons through email and other alerts. Repeat these lessons till you are confident and convinced.

We also use and  recommend Yabla for language learning. Languages  like German French Spanish Chinese are available. Videos with subtitles and vocab sessions make learning interesting and effective. 

Live classes through teachers are done through Skype, microsoft team, Zoom. A combination of live classes and apps are the available resources and must be used to the fullest. 

We continue with our discussion. Language learning is an art and we all want to become artist. Along with the language skill one also needs ideas to express. What is the use of a skill which cannot be used practically. As a writer,as an orator language also needs support of ideas and thoughts. Good ideas and good language is one of the best combinations. 

Since you are reading this, I believe you are 
some how associated with languages. We say in German,  language  " Sprache". In Russian we say язык ( yazik).  It is fun and if you enjoy languages you are rightly reading this. This also tries to attract people who are not interested in languages but have an innate ability. 

Using this language skill to win friends and influence people is also one of the benefits. The art of communication although needs a right grammatically correct speech it also needs a right approach. My job as a teacher is ofcourse to teach students grammar but there is more to it. 

We continue understanding the methods to be utilised to learn a language. It is not easy mastering a language. There are chances you might want to quit. But don't give up, there is always some one to help and protect. Protection against failure after having decided to pursue an art like this.

Words make a Sentence. Language learning is an art of playing with words. Words then sentence. A journey from words to a right sentence is long, trust me and it is a never ending journey. We all know this. It is the same case for all the other fields. There is no end and things keep updating. 

As a young student, I got attracted to books and was a frequent library visitor. This happened all of a sudden. It happened in a lecture in college. A Professor speaking in marathi inspired me. We must understand everything and go to the roots, never stop till we understand and till the picture is clear to us. Make books your friends and you must do it. You must do it! he said . The next day I was in the municipal library reading the rarest of rarest books. I should have begun with easier books now I realise but that gesture of mine left many mesmerized. My dreams still lead me to libraries where there are charges. Although I am trying to pay the poor library people( in my dreams ofcourse).
The point however is to tell you: readers,parents friends how I looked and approached life. If you think I am sucessful now it was because I always followed good things. I was always inspired by good habits good lectures, dialogs. Always take the best and ignore the bad things. It took time but the end was good. 

Languages are my passion. I always try to share the best I have with my students and may be I have earned love from them and all fame and good things are because of this. 

It is an obvious question to understand how can some one learn a language. Language learning like any other science or art needs practice. Practice Practice Practice. In fact a German proverb says "Uebung macht den Meister" Practice makes man perfect. Repetition and pratice are the keys to being a sucessful language expert.

When we learn a language always keep in mind that we will be told to speak to a native speaker verbally or non verbally.Through emails, phone calls or even a direct interaction. The man in front of you is a fluent speaker because most of the times it is is mother tongue. But for us it is not. We have learned that language for say 5 years and it is a skill for which we are been highly paid.It is a necessity we are paying heeds to. Besides job satisfaction it also matters how you build relations.

Most of the time a skill of guessing words and summarizing skill will be put to test. When you suceed in guessing word meaning, half the battle is won. There are so many words in a language and same words have so many meanings.The so called guessing things will help you achieve your goal of excellence in your job.

The question how to learn a language still needs to be answered.The answers are varied and could always be updated. With digital technology learning has become easier. Inspite of this, the original methodology hasnt changed. The basics are still the same and the ways of learning have remained same. Naturally however change is a way of life. Digital technology has eased learning and teachers trainers have to learn them and adhere to them to be ready for the race and the need of the situation.

This topic will be continuosly discussed and will have more and more answers. ofcourse perseverance and regular and passionate learning will solve the purpose. The only question is do i do it or dont do it. If you are passionate your passion will guide and nobody can stop you from learning and mastering skills.
Learning languages is an art. One has to have passion and dedication. Only then can he master the language and speak fluently. 

An art is a thing that not only gives fun but also gives satisfaction and monetory benefits. Necessity is the mother of invention. An art that serves the purpose of people in need is surely going to bear more fruits. When a need is satisfied automatically sucess comes into picture for them who are serving the purpose. 

A language is a medium of communication like a operating system for a computer. Without language communication is not possible. Without communication it is difficult to do any type of task or business. 

Art is a God's gift and it is a duty to do what God has sent us for
People are asking me when we start face to face classes. I think this question need not be asked. Mainly because we have online class option and also because it is not safe due to corona. 

Learning online has advantages of its own. You study at the comfort of home. You save traveling time. You can learn while eating relaxed in a comfort chair. But all this is although true, the main cause is that we maintain social distancing and stay safe. Online is safe and if we love our life and want to ensure safety of our family we would prefer online classes. Given an option when we have a choice why risk our and our beloved ones life. 

Lalita classes offers online classes for all foreign languages. By now we have successfully undertaken classes and students are enjoying thus serving the purpose.  International exams are not happening right now. But we can prepare ourselves for further levels till international exams are scheduled. This will ensure you dont waste your valuable time. Till all gets normal we continue learning as much as we can. Learning has no limit. When we are lucky by God's grace why not take advantage positively. Not grumble about problems but solve them. All problems have a solution. We need to take everything positively. There is no other option. Parents should consider this and accept that in this difficult time there is a ray of hope.
Greetings from Lalita classes. Here we share all information and updates about our courses and other important things that we want to share with you