This question will excite all of you. The question is what motivates you, what gives a rush of blood. The target of staying motivated all the time can be reached by answering this question. 

It's about setting goals. Doing things you enjoy. The goals that make you excited. Setting eveyday goals is also a very good habit. Take a pen and paper and write on the paper today's goals. 

So doing what you love doing the most is the secret to being motivated. It could be anything. But the goals have to be meaningful. Something righteous and productive. Going for a walk , thinking about earning more money new ideas , helping others, observing animals, doing excercise and many more. You must enjoy it, that is the prerequisite. Very few people understand this and very few succeed in it. Setting daily goals is also not easy. But when you learn the art you are a winner.

The tip for staying motivated is to do things you love to do.

 As we discussed before, worrying is the main hindrance to being motivated. We all have worries. The only difference is the attitude towards them. Whether being financial, career, relationships worries do exist. So let's learn to live with them and try getting rid of them. 

There is a solution to all problems. Face them bravely or run away from them , the choice makes the difference. Facing the problems needs bravery and getting rid of them successfully is a thing of joy. 

You must have observed that when we worry we mostly worry about the same thing again and again. We forget to live and succumb to them. The best solution to them is to live in the present. Tomorrow we haven't seen, yesterday is gone, let us live in today.  When we worry and are sad, demotivated,we forget to enjoy what we have in front of us today. 

There are so many beautiful things happening around us. Observe them, relish the moments,  look around and you will find that you have a beautiful life. So don't waste it worrying. 

Also, it is today which comes with new opportunities as you have the best chance to act and solve your problems. So don't miss this today. 

Motivation comes from a mind which is happy and healthy. A mind without worries steers a life to a positive change and steers man to success, achieve profitable goals. 

This article explores one of the ways of getting rid of worries. It is not always easy being happy positive and motivated. But one must always try to retain and consistently conserve a positive mind. Keep trying. Worries hamper our mood and keeps us away from achieving motivation and positivity. 

So how do I achieve it and how do I remain always motivated? There are many ways. One of them is discussing your problems with a friend you trust, who is not judgmental. Tell him your worries and may be he might come up with a solution. You can even imagine famous,sucessful people and try to figure out how they would behave in such a situation. Imagination has no boundaries. You will get your answer. 

Tipp for this article for motivation is discuss your worries with your friends. 

Motivation at Lalita classes.

Just imagine life without problems and difficulties, just so bland and boring. One should understand that problems make life meaningful. It brings the best out of you. 

We talk about certain things about motivation in this article. It is always advisable that you love yourself. Don't blame yourself for mistakes which you think are too big. Nobody is perfect. We all make errors, why then suffer unnecessarily. 

Sit down, write down what is causing you to suffer. Pay attention to the facts and don't let negative emotions take control of your mind. Remember these sufferings will not last forever, the clouds will soon dissipate and the sun will rise again. 

Your mind will be motivated when you stop cribbing about problems. Your inner self wants love. A loved mind will always be motivated and energetic to face life and it's problems. 

So first tip to be motivated, is, to love yourself.

 It's so important in today's competitive world to have the right state of mind to be successful. Positive thinking, positive mental attitude is a need of the day. Positive mental attitude is a prerequisite to get the best out of life. All great people faced hardships but their positive mental attitude helped them achieve things and they are an inspiration for all. To master the mind, we need to be determined and our efforts should be in the right direction. A positive mental attitude changes lives, and with such an attitude one can achieve the impossible. I'm possible it's what " impossible" says. There is no problem which cannot be solved. Your attitude makes the difference. And a positive attitude changes and makes a life happier.

There are so many ways of being positive. But meditation is the most popular and a powerful method to stop worrying and start living. Positive attitude towards everything makes us healthy and always energetic. A positive attitude needs to be maintained where the main challenge arrives. For example meditation begun to be positive should not be stopped. Meditation is a science and Godly intervention is achieved. The mind along with body have to be sound to achieve things we want in our life. 

There lived a man with his daughter in a village. His daughter used to complain that there were so many difficulties and hardships in her life. She grunted for a long time about this. The father decided to resolve the issue.

 He then asked his daughter to come along to the kitchen. He took some potatoes, eggs and coffee beans and put each of them in three pots. He then went towards the stove and put the potatoes, eggs and coffee beans in boiling water. After some time the potatoes got boiled. He offered these boiled potatoes to his daughter. The potatoes were soft and the daughter enjoyed eating them. After some time the eggs got boiled and the daughter relished eating it as well. Lastly the boiling water helped the beans to convert itself into tasty coffee which the daughter drank with heavenly pleasure.

 The daughter then asked her father why he did all this.

 The father explained. "My child , these potatoes, these eggs, these beans were subjected to extreme hardships by the boiling water. But at the end they served their purpose for what they are made for. You enjoyed eating them but not until they underwent hardships caused by the boiling water"

"Consider the boiling water as hardships and you the three elements. Without hardships life is meaningless and worthless".


The daughter learnt a new lesson of life and never grumbled about life again.


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Session 1(50 hrs)

1.Check grammatical mistakes and help correct them
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4.Sharing tips through theoretical and practical sessions
5.Assignments on whatever covered.

1.Theory of communication skills
2.Guidance on how to improve communication skills
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4.Guidance on positive thinking, confidence building through examples and illustrations
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